1. Company name and address:

wefox Switzerland AG
Landstrasse 53
4914 Roggwil BE

Registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Bern CHE-347.026.327

Phone : +41 62 544 99 52
Email: [email protected]

2. Information obligation according to Art. 45 VAG:

Your customer advisor is an employee of the company wefox Switzerland AG. As a tied insurance agent wefox Switzerland AG has cooperation agreements with the following insurance carriers:

Kind of insuranceStatusInsurance company
Life insurance
Other life insuranceTiedAllianz Suisse Life
Basler Leben AG
Generali personal insurance
Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd
Swiss Life
AXA life
Zurich life insurance company
Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG
Damage insurance
Personal insuranceTiedAssura SA
CSS Insurance AG
Helsana Supplementary Insurance Ltd
Innova Insurance AG
Sanitas private insurance AG
Swica health insurance
Comprehensive insuranceTied Allianz Suisse
Basler Versicherung AG
Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company AG
AXA insurance
Zurich Insurance Company
Other property damage insuranceTiedAllianz Suisse
Basler Versicherung AG
CSS Insurance AG
Generali general insurance
Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company AG
AXA insurance
Zurich Insurance Company
Liability insuranceTiedAllianz Suisse
Basler Versicherung AG
CSS Insurance AG
Generali general insurance
Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company AG
Visana Insurance AG
AXA insurance
Zurich Insurance Company
Legal protectionTiedCSS Insurance AG
Fortuna legal protection
Helsana legal protection
Orion legal protection insurance company
AXA-ARAG legal protection
Tourist assistanceTiedEuropean travel insurance company

Our activity is remunerated by a commission, which will be borne exclusively by the contracting insurance companies and is already included in the insurance premium.

Supervisory authority:

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
Laupenstrasse 27
CH-3003 Bern

The company is in accordance with the relevant legal provisions listed in the federal register of insurance intermediaries ( under registration number 31655.

3. Ownership structure and holdings:

100% of the company shares are held by FinanceApp AG, Stampfenbachstr. 138, 8006 Zurich.

FinanceApp AG holds a significant qualified, indirect economic participation in ONE Versicherung AG, Äulestrasse 56, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein (register number FL-0002.574.162-0).

There is no direct involvement of an insurer.

Liability: wefox Switzerland AG can be made liable for negligence, errors or incorrect information in connection with the brokerage activity.

To your contractual relationship with wefox Switzerland AG the current version of the wefox privacy policy is applicable. You can find the document at any time under:

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Roggwil, February 2021