Initial information

Name and address of the company:

FinanceApp Switzerland AG
Stampfenbachstr. 138
8006 Zürich

Management Board:
Julian Teicke, Fabian Wesemann, Dario Fazlic, Teodoro Martino


Phone: +41 800 22 66 88 (toll-free)
Email: [email protected]

Register data, Status, Function:

Incorporated at the commercial register of the Cantone of Zurich CHE-375.651.476

The FinanceApp Switzerland is an insurance broker.

Ownership and participations:

The company shares are held 100 % by FinanceApp AG, Stampfenbachstr. 138, 8006 Zürich Schweiz.

FinanceApp AG holds a qualified, essential indirect economic participation of ONE Versicherung AG, Äulestrasse 56, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein (registration number FL-0002.574.162-0).

There is no participation of an insurer.

UID-Nr.: CHE-375.651.476 MWST

Information duties:

As an independent insurance intermediary the FinanceApp Switzerland AG cooperates or establishes cooperation with the following insurance companies and pension funds:

  • Allianz Suisse
  • Atupri
  • AXA-Winterthur
  • Basler
  • Concordia
  • CSS
  • Die Mobiliar
  • Generali
  • Groupe-Mutuel
  • HDI-Gerling
  • Helsana
  • Helvetia
  • Innova
  • Liechtenstein Life
  • National Suisse
  • ÖKK
  • Pensionskasse Pro
  • Sanitas
  • Swica
  • Swiss Life
  • Sympany
  • Vaudoise
  • Zürich

(List is being updated regularly)


Our activity as a broker is remunerated by a commission, which is paid exclusively by the contracting insurance company and is included in the premium.

Regulatory authority:

Eidgenössische Finanzmarktaufsicht FINMA
Laupenstrasse 27
CH–3003 Bern

Responsible Person:

For negligence, errors or incorrect information in connection with the brokering activity, the FinanceApp Switzerland AG can be held liable.