The InsuranceCheck from wefox:
Custom, holistic & transparent.

Your holistic check – find out your current insurance status, calculate your risk and prioritize the kinds of security that are important to you.

  • Once a year or as needed
  • Find coverage gaps
  • On the web & in your wefox app
  • No cost & no obligation

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Quick, easy & unbiased:
Your personal wefox InsuranceCheck.

The smart InsuranceCheck from wefox is right for everyone – if you are just starting school or considering retirement. There are coverage options that fit each situation and stage of life. Our InsuranceCheck can assist you in checking your current coverage status, to find possible gaps and, if you so desire, to close them. The goal is finding the right protection for you and those closest to you.

With wefox, you have the option to closely examine your entire insurance portfolio once a year or whenever you please.

And this is how we can help:
Based on specific questions pertaining to 8 crucial life-risks. These include the following areas: death, accidents, illness, old age, natural disasters, legal liability, Crime and unemployment.

You can find out, quickly and without bias, just how important optimum insurance coverage in each of these areas is to you – and how critical it is for you to protect yourself in these areas of life.

You will receive a comprehensive overview of the evaluation and recommendations for suitable insurance. We can also tell you where you are already well-insured or where you may have the potential to increase your security. Our innovative InsuranceCheck is completely free and there is no obligation to buy, regardless if you use the wefox app or website.

Unser InsuranceCheck:
3 steps to more clarity.

Just answer a few questions for us
With our InsuranceCheck, you will quickly find out how important optimal insurance is to you in these eight areas. We will ask specific questions to each area.

See your results in real-time
With the help of artificial intelligence, we can analyse the results of your personal InsuranceCheck quickly. This allows for an objective overview of your entire insurance coverage portfolio. Then you can make your own decision based on your personal results and do what is best for you.

Get some input from our certified experts
Certified insurance experts are ready to advise you whenever you need their support. If you are looking to improve your current coverage, or you want to find new policies and rates. Then you can decide how we proceed on your behalf.

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Your personal InsuranceCheck:
A wefox service with many benefits for you.

An independent, unbiased & free check
On average, our InsuranceCheck can help you improve your current insurance premiums or the terms of your coverage. You will have the pick of all offers on the market and receive great offers with fair conditions – of course the same goes for any new contracts you request.

Transparent expert advice
Our certified insurance experts are always there for you. So you will always receive a large selection of insurance solutions from market leaders that fits your needs and wishes.

Holistic Approach
Our comprehensive approach ensures you will receive an objective assessment and overview of your current insurance status. In addition, our independent insurance experts are there to consult with you, confidentially, on the phone or via our convenient online-consultation, directly on your screen. In your consultation, an expert will be dedicated to assisting you alone with your wishes, needs and requirements.

Quick claims settlement
Modern and comprehensive service is what sets us apart:
Our experts act in your interest and represent you when speaking to the insurance companies, discussing with claims adjusters and assist you each step of the way.

Check in easily, whenever and wherever
You have the flexibility to always check in on your current insurance and get information about your risks and needs right from your smartphone. Because the InsuranceCheck is also available in your wefox app. That way you can simply check your coverage wherever you are. You can receive new quotes and recommendations or get in touch with your insurance expert at any time, whenever you need.

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The go-to for all your insurance needs:
All policies, information, prices in your wefox app.

With your wefox app, you always have your insurance expert along with you. With just a few, easy steps you will have everything taken care of, no matter where you are.

Regardless if you want to run an InsuranceCheck, find new offers, look up your status, check your messages, file a claim or contact your insurance expert – it’s all there in the app. So give it a try now!

App service, like it should be:
Quick to install, instant benefits.

More service, more comfort: the wefox app is your practical companion for all things insurance.

  • Innovative & holistic InsuranceCheck
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design
  • All contracts at a glance, all information on hand
  • Simple access from your smartphone – anytime, anywhere
  • Easily request & receive offers for all types of insurance
  • Direct connection to your insurance experts
  • File claims simply via the app

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The InsuranceCheck from wefox:
Secure, confidential & unbiased.

With wefox, can be confident that you will receive the best advice every. Our insurance experts are informed and will assist you to the best of their ability – solely on your behalf. Rest assured that we will only only act in your behalf as you ask us to. With an InsuranceCheck as the first step in getting to know you, we can assess your current usage and pinpoint areas where you could have overseen further needs, all with simple questions about your current living situation.

To do so, we use AI-based technology to analyse your risks in 8 essential areas of your life and are able to objectively and holistically determine the areas which are least or most important to you. Based on your individual responses, we can make recommendations which can be adjusted based on your wishes – confidentially, unbiased and with no obligation for you.

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We are aware of our liability: Data security and data privacy in accordance with EU standards.

The protection of your data is very important to us and falls under strict governmental guidelines through EU standards, GDPR. For us, this is the barometer for a trustworthy and competent advisory service. Insurance has a great significance in our lives. That is why it is especially important to have an expert at your side who examines all the important contract details in such a way that you, as a policyholder are fully informed and able to make independent decisions freely.

Insurance products, especially complex ones, require careful and customized advising – especially when damages are involved. Our consultation service is supported by AI-based technology (Artificial Intelligence) and seamless logging and documentation within the applicable consumer protection.

We believe in transparency and customer relations that are based on trust. wefox brings customers in contact with industry experts and sets the stage for a long-term relationships. This is possible because wefox promotes these connections in a sustainable way and puts the focus on the consulting service itself. That is exactly our basic principle.

You have our word: All your data is and stays absolutely secure at wefox – not just throughout the InsuranceCheck, but always.

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