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Your insurance expert acts to the best of his knowledge and belief – on your behalf. Rely on him to do what you want him to do. In the beginning, he will complete a general InsuranceCheck with you. In this check, your needs are clarified and possible insurance gaps revealed – based on questions about your general life situation.

In addition, your expert analyzes potential risks that you might be exposed to and how they can be safely covered by suitable insurance solutions – without obligation, independently and entirely confidentially. By the way: The protection of your data is particularly important to us and is subject to strict guidelines prescribed by law. Trusting and competent advice is our focus.

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“I am glad to have tried out wefox. My insurance expert has recommended the app to me. He now oversees all my contracts in the app and I’m always up-to-date. I save time and anxiety. I just can recommend wefox to everyone.”


“With wefox I can finally manage my contracts online. I have already optimized a lot. My insurance expert advises me in all matters, if I want to. I’m completely satisfied.”


“The app is great. It is contemporary, I have an overview and, most importantly, full cost control. I can make adjustments at any time, arrange appointments and will be informed in time about important details such as contract periods via push messages or SMS.”

Health Insurance

The benefits of the health insurance cover a comprehensive basic care. Nevertheless, an annual change of health insurance is a good idea if you want to reduce your rates. In addition, many people wish to be covered by a private health insurance. It offers you extra services such as an improved range of treatments and rates options such as the Telmed model, the HMO or family doctor model – or you simply wish more comfort and privacy in the hospital. What a private health insurance provides and what conditions must be met, can be found on our page about Health Insurance.

Life Insurance

A life insurance is not only a cover for your family in the event of death or disability, but also a popular savings model to close income gaps in old age. Whether you choose the classic as a unit-linked life insurance – this type of pension plan offers you many opportunities to protect your family and to looking forward to your pension with ease. All important information about life insurance can be found on our page about Life Insurance.

Motor Liability insurance

Motor Liability insurance

We Swiss people like to drive by car -– whether to the office, school, shopping or leisure time. But things do not always go smoothly in traffic: traffic jams, carelessness or distractions lead to smaller and larger mishaps that could damage your car – or even injure you and your passengers. A motor liability insurance protects you against the costs of the consequences of an accident – whether you are in debt or not. All information about the so important insurance protection can be found on the page about Motor Liability Insurance.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

A dispute in Switzerland likes to land at Justitia. Especially rent, traffic, neighborhood, inheritance or family disputes are often not to handle without legal advice, mediation or a process. Lawyers, court and process costs can quickly swallow up large sums. Sometimes procedures drag on for years and are not just financially grueling. Therefore, a legal expenses insurance is a smart way to avoid costs and enforce your rights where you see them injured or endangered. All important information and details on legal protection can be found on our page about Legal Expenses Insurance.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Traveling is great, because you discover new countries, gathering foreign cultures and inspiring impressions. But a lot of things can go wrong on a trip: your luggage is lost, your rental car goes on strike, your travel agent has promised you more than you actually find on site – or, the classic, you break a leg on the ski slope. In these cases, travel insurance offers worldwide 24-hour all-round protection. With many coverage models, you can choose from a wide variety of providers and rate modules to customize your protection individually to your wishes. Here you will find out more on our page about Travel Insurance.

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